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Internationally recognized as a composer, musician and producer, Alexander Adhami will help you turn your creative musical concepts into maketable musical media. With decades of professional experience in a variety of production scenarios, rest assured that your music will be transformed into it's highest potential.


Game Music- Television Cues- Film Scoring- Song Creation - Mixing - Mastering - Remixing - ADR -Trailers

Full production and orchestration from "Bad to Good To Great!"

In this example, the song idea was sent to us incompleted and in its early stages of development. In the first stage, a basic scratch track was created and shared between us and the client. Once a clear direction was set, a budget was put together to grow the song into its final form.

Alexander's string arrangements were recorded by a live orchestra. A pedal steel player was hired out of Nashville. Files were shared between Alexander and the client. Lyrics, mixes and arrangements were discussed until the final touches were made.

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