In demand for his uniquely global sound, Alexander Adhami, also known as Alex Plays, has composed music for Harpo Productions, the Food Network, Warner Chappell's Non-Stop Music, Universal's Music Group and other Film and Television media outlets. His music is broadcasted on major networks like ABC, The Food Network, SABC and other European broadcasters.

He is also an accomplished instrumentalist and vocalist specializing in guitar and other stringed instruments. For many years, Alexander has been involved in the production of Cirque inspired World Music beginning with his music for Cirque EOS' "Acrobats and Maniacs". Later he was commissioned to record a world music instrument, the Santoor with Joe Cocker on his classic remake of "It takes every kind of people to make the world go 'round". His collaboration with Kitaro was nominated for" Best New Age Album" at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards.

As an orchestrator and computer programmer in Germany, he was part of Franco Dragone's creation INDIA featuring A R Rahman's music and a whole cast of Bollywood Dancers. He can be heard on Cirque du Soleil's "Totem" as a guest artist and vocalist. He has toured internationally and starred with Steve Reid, Miles Davis’ Percussionist, in Dreamscapes and continues to do live performances across the globe as Alex Plays. His album "Take It Slow" is being considered for Best Rock Album for the 56th Grammy Awards.

As a music educator, Alexander has created a music production course and other production master classes with and He is currently a Professor at the presitigious Academy of Art University in San Francisco.



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